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Sample Assignments

Professional Communication Portfolio Assignment

Final project for Introduction to Professional Communication course.


Quilt Block Assignment

Multimodal composition assignment for "Region Without Nostalgia: The Georgia Surreal"



Question-Hypothesis-Question assignment


Many Souths Research Paper Assignment

In this assignment for an "Introduction to Fiction"course, students conduct academic research in

order to analyze the presence of a particular defining characteristic of the South--or a particular

"South"--in one the class's texts.


Maker Classroom Manifesto Assignment

In a first year, multimodal composition course, student groups write their own manifestos arguing for considering the classroom as a Makerspace. Students conduct research on both pedagogical practices as well as Maker Culture, and compose classroom manifestos which they present to the class. This assignment not only provides a blueprint for constructing an argument, but it also makes students critically consider the purpose and function of education and consciously engage with their own role within the educational process.


Handmaid's Tale Group Research Assignment

This assignment is part of a historical background unit in an "Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies" course. While reading Margaret Atwood's 1985 novel, student groups research a variety of historical elements within the dystopian novel and present their findings to the class. The assignment includes a drafting process for the oral presentation.





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